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Boathouse Residents in Redwood City May Have to Sail Away

Redevelopment plans means Docktown may have to weigh anchor.



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    It will soon be time for people to weigh anchor -- and float their homes away from Redwood City's Docktown.

    Docktown is the last remaining of three waterfront communities "where people lived aboard their boats or in floating homes," according to the Palo Alto Daily News.

    The "Inner Harbor Area" where they live will be redeveloped, and the city has given them at least one year to remain, possibly longer.

    There are about 90 "live-aboard vessels" in Docktown's 145 slips.

    The city is working on a redevelopment plan for Inner Harbor, which includes an 8-acre parcel near the water, the owners of which wish to redevelop, the newspaper reported.

    Another floating area of homes -- Pete's Harbor -- was given the boot for development in January, so some of the residents of "floating homes," which are multiple story living areas on floats, not boats per se, are worried.

    "There just isn't any place to go," said Orlene Chartain, who lives on a two-story floating home.