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Bobblehead Battle Goes to Whitman



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    Republican Meg Whitman can now claim another endorsement -- fans of a Sacramento minor-league baseball team.

    The Sacramento River Cats held their own kind of gubernatorial election -- a bobblehead contest. The team gave away 2,500 bobbleheads in the likeness of Whitman and Democratic candidate Jerry Brown.

    Team spokeswoman Rebecca Brutlag said the Whitman bobbleheads were snatched up first, making her the winner.

    The team did not count how many fewer Brown bobbleheads had been distributed when Whitman won. In 2008, President Barack Obama won a River Cats bobblehead contest against his GOP opponent Sen. John McCain. Brutlag said the contests are "all in good fun."

    Republican and Democratic minor league baseball fans were even being offered separate promotional codes for discount advance ticket sales. Right-wing fans can get discounted tickets at, lefties can get theirs at

    No word yet on whether the California Peace & Freedom Party will be demanding a recount because their own bobblehead did not get equal representation.