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Bocce Is Latest Threat to Brentwood Seniors



    Bocce Is Latest Threat to Brentwood Seniors
    Bocce is an internationally regulated sport, most popular in Italy.

    There's much to worry about in retirement for Brentwood's seniors -- there's the collapse of Social Security, financial uncertainty, and now: bocce.

    The bocce ball court in the Apple Hill neighborhood of Brentwood has numerous hazards, according to the Contra Costa Times, from handrails out of reach, narrow walkways, unlevel courts, and no shade from the glaring sun.

    "It is very dangerous," bocce player Glenora Corbin told the newspaper. "It [the courts] was poorly planned. They didn't take seniors into consideration when planning it."

    At least three players have fallen during play on the courts, which are part of a city-run program, according to a team captain.

    The courts, built in 2004, are nonetheless frequented by bocce players despite some maintenance issues that city officials admit could be addressed. But there's only five maintenance workers spread between Brentwood's 65 parks, officials say, so in the meantime the seniors will just have to make do.