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Bouncing Baby Boy Survives 25-Foot Fall

Toddler falls from 3rd-story window



    Bouncing Baby Boy Survives 25-Foot Fall
    NBC Bay Area
    This youngster fell from a 3rd-story window and escaped with just bumps and bruises.

    He's already cheated death and he's not even 2 years old.

    A 23-month-old boy appears to have escaped without major injuries after falling from a third-story window at an apartment complex in Antioch Sunday.

    The toddler was rushed to Children's Hospital in Oakland by helicopter where he underwent tests and scans to make sure he was OK after he fell from the window from his family's home at the Lakeshore Apartments Sunday just before noon. Antioch police say they are amazed the baby is virtually unijured -- except for some bumps and bruises.

    The boy climbed up on a chair and then onto a table directly under a window. He then pressed against a window screen that gave way, causing him to fall about 25 feet -- straight down onto a bed of rocks and gravel.

    "I saw a thing like a paper come down 'foosh' -- I heard this 'poot' on the cement." Beatrice Wilson, one of the neighbors told NBC Bay Area. "When I looked, there was a baby on the floor."

    When emergency crews arrived on scene, the boy was "conscious and crying," Contra Costa County Fire Captain Charles Thomas said.

    The tot suffered a bruised lung, an abrasion on his abdominal area and a bruise on his head, but appears to have suffered no major injuries from the fall. He was being held for observation at the hospital Sunday evening.

    Toddler Falls From 3rd-Story Window

    [BAY] Toddler Falls From 3rd-Story Window
    A 23-month-old boy escaped with just bumps and bruises after he fell from a third-story window in Antioch over the weekend.
    (Published Monday, Oct. 19, 2009)

    Police say the boy's mother was inside, just steps away from the window when it happened. She went to grab her son, but it was too late.

    "It's amazing," Antioch police Lt. Scott Willerford said. "The boy's doing fine, so it's a good  outcome under the circumstances."

    Police are investigating but they say it seems to have been an accident, and there was no sign of neglect, Willerford said.

    He said there was no safety lock on the window, and that police recommend that people in multi-story buildings getting the locks on all windows.

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