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Breathe Easy, Bay Area



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    Take a deep breath, Bay Area residents. Our air is pretty healthy.

    Bay Area air is fairly clean, but Los Angeles is still the smoggiest city in America, according to a new report.

    The American Lung Association's yearly State of the Air review, released Wednesday, shows eight of the country's smoggiest cities are in California but none of them are in the Bay Area.

    Los Angeles tops the ozone list, with Bakersfield in number two. LA actually dropped the number of high-ozone days from last year by 25 percent but still ranked number one in smog. Fresno and Sacramento are ranked numbers four and five in the ozone rankings.

    The San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland area is ranked number 23 in the list for short-term particle pollution. The report also found the Bay Area has made huge advances. Since 2000, the number of high-ozone days has dropped by 57 percent.