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Brother of Yahoo CEO Pleads Guilty In Domestic Violence Case

Mason Mayer pleads guilty after beating girlfriend.



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    The brother of Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer pleaded guilty on Friday to misdemeanor false imprisonment, after beating up his then-girlfriend at his Four Seasons condo in San Francisco in Sept. 2011.

    Mason Mayer, 33, was originally charged with three felony counts for allegedly beating, spitting upon, and threatening to kill Kelli Ann Trent, his then-girlfriend, during a fight following a trip to a local bar, according to the San Francisco Appeal online newspaper.

    Trent, who appeared in San Francisco Superior Court on Friday with celebrity attorney Gloria Allred, gave a statement in the courtroom. Mayer did not comment to media during his walk outside of the building.

    With his plea, Mayer -- who reportedly has not worked since his sister's first company, Google, went public in 2004 -- will avoid a trial, but must undergo domestic violence counseling, according to reports.

    "We hope that Mr. Mayer's sister, Marissa, will help him to fully acknowledge the reasons that he has been sentenced to domestic violence counseling and help him to understand that he needs to be full accountable for his criminal and tortious misconduct," said Allred, via a statement issued to media on Friday.