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Brown Says Some Think Taxes Are STDs



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    Former California Governor Jerry Brown takes to the air waves as he sits in for Tom Lykins on KFI, a Los Angeles-based radio station, Sept. 27, 1991. Brown, a possible presidential candidate, answered callers' questions on a variety of subjects including Friday's presidential address by president George Bush. (AP Photo/Sam Jones)

    Former San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom may technically be California's acting governor right now but that isn't stopping Gov. Jerry Brown from making some colorful comments.

    The former mayor of Oakland, and current governor of California, took a shot at his legislative counterparts at a clean-energy summit in Las Vegas.

    During a panel discussion the governor said that some state lawmakers treat taxes like they "are like some kind of sexually transmitted disease.”

    A portion of Brown's proposed 2011-2012 budget included plans to raise several taxes, including sales, income and vehicle taxes.

    But he was unable to get any Republican support.