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Bryan Stow Progress "Magical"



    Bryan Stow Progress "Magical"
    Bryan Stow before the attack.

    In a posting his family titled "Magical," Bryan Stow's family said the Giants fan continues to show amazing progress.

    Last week they announced that he made the significant turn from simple facial responses to speaking.

    On Monday, the family said he's now speaking in complete sentences in videos to his children and engaging in conversations with visitors.

    Stow was attacked outside Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on Opening Day and suffered significant brain damage. LAPD has since arrested the people they say are responsible for his injuries.

    Case Timeline

    In their blog, Stow's family said in the past week has been filled with progress. Stow now has physical and occupational therapy five times a week and that he can sit on the side of his bed and in a chair next to his bed.

    They seemed to get the most pleasure writing about being able to take Stow outside in the sun. That happened for the very first time last Friday.

    "We got the OK to take Bryan outside for the first time in almost 6 months. He was moved to a cardiac chair and we went out to a secluded patio. Bonnie asked Bryan how it felt to be outside. Bryan, sitting in the sun, with his eyes closed said, 'It’s magical.'"