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Burglar Scales, Leaps From Tree to Avoid Police

A Marin County burglary suspect climbed a redwood in a failed attempt to escape capture.



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    Not a safe haven for police-evaders, it appears.

    Police may not climb trees. But they can certainly surround them -- and wait for suspects to critically injure themselves in a jump from said tree.

    This lesson is not lost on a Marin County burglary suspect, who is in "critical condition" after jumping from a redwood in an attempt to escape police capture, the Marin Independent Journal reported.

    The unidentified man broke into a Larkspur home at 10:30 p.m. Thursday but fled after the resident called police, the newspaper reported. Police located him and chased him through a creek area before he sought refuge in a redwood tree, the newspaper reported.

    Police surrounded the tree and phoned in support from firefighters, who were on their way with a ladder truck when the suspect jumped from the tree onto a nearby roof.

    The roof and the suspect both were seriously injured in the jump, the newspaper reported.