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Burn Out Breeds New Career For Brothers

A promise as a child comes true in adulthood.



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    Cheryl Hurd

    John Lee and his big brother Eric love animals. 

    They love them to the point that as middle school students, they use to leave class to visit the animals at the nearby pet store on Springs Road.   Back then they did not find a very happy welcome from the store's owner.

    "They said no students allowed and we would always try to sneak in and put our fingers through the cage," John Lee said.

    Eric said he was a big kid, so the owners of the store thought he was a customer.  He said it was John that was more of a pest.  But he said his brother also had ambition.  He wanted to buy the store some day.

     "I told the owner over and over again when are you going to retire so I can buy the store," John said.

    A lot of years went by.  Eric and John both worked at Kaiser Hospital in Vallejo in the records department.  They both worked long enough to earn a severance package and got the opportunity to purchase the store.

    It's been almost four years.  They are breaking even in these tough economic times.

    They love what they do and hope to pass the store on to their children.