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Bye Bye Yahoo Billboard

After 10 years of gracing the San Francisco skyline, this billboard is gone.



    Bye Bye Yahoo Billboard
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    A worker moves a section of a Yahoo! billboard onto a truck on December 21, 2011 in San Francisco, California. Yahoo's iconic retro-style billboard was taken down after 12 years of greeting visitors to San Francisco. The brightly colored billboard, reminiscent of a 1960's era motel sign, was installed in 1999 next to Interstate 80 near downtown San Francisco. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

    It happened.

    Twelve years after a little-known company called Yahoo! purchased billboard space in San Francisco, the sign is history.

    If you don't drive out of the City towards the East Bay, the purple billboard had a retro look of a motel sign that seemed to resonate with drivers.

    We knew the sign was coming down. The space was put up for rent for as little as $65,000 a month earlier this month, according to AP.

    Deconstruction crews took it down Wednesday.

    The Yahoo! billboard had become an icon of sorts for the 100,000 or so people traveling across the Bay Bridge.

    It was built during the boom when companies like Yahoo! reigned. 

    Fast forward a decade and Yahoo! no longer reigns and the sign no longer shines.

    A spokesperson for Yahoo told the San Jose Mercury News that the company is focused on "new and innovative ways" to market itself.

    It wasn't immediately known if Clear Channel had a buyer for the space. Stay tuned.