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CHP Officer Saves Caltrans Worker's Life



    CHP Officer Saves Caltrans Worker's Life
    This is the damage cause by the Subaru.

    A CHP officer put himself in harm's way in order to protect a Caltrans employee who was about to get hit by a car, according to Caltrans.

    It happened Tuesday in Auburn, about 30 miles northeast of Sacramento. The Caltrans employee was working on the shoulder of westbound Interstate 80 clearing debris when a speeding Subaru came toward him.

    A CHP officer already on the scene providing a traffic break behind the worker said he noticed a red car coming up behind him quickly. The officer said, when he realized the driver wasn't going to slow down, he sped up and used his own car to protect the employee, according to KCRA.

    The CHP said the Subaru struck the cruiser at about 65 mph.

    The CHP cruiser was totaled, but the officer only suffered minor injuries.

    The Caltrans worker dove out of the way and wasn't hurt.

    That Subaru driver also got away with no injuries, but she does face charges.