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CHP Releases 911 Calls From Sunday "Sideshow" On I-880

Cops seeking stunt drivers who shut down I-880.



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    Like this, but in traffic.

    Donuts? Yes, donuts. But not that kind.

    The 911 dispatchers who fielded calls from drivers stuck on I-880 in Oakland while stunt drivers drifted all over the freeway weren't immediately sure what they'd heard, according to the Oakland Tribune, which received from the California Highway Patrol transcripts of the calls.

    "Donuts on the freeway?" a female 911 dispatcher asks a caller, the newspaper reported.

    "Yes, ma'am," the caller replied.

    Anywhere from four to 30 cars spun their way along the northbound lanes of I-880 near the Coliseum at around 4 p.m. on Sunday. Many more drivers exited their cars to shoot video of the scene.

    This activity is known as a "sideshow."

    No arrests have been made, and no one was injured, but the CHP appears willing to shut down future shows before they start.

    Not everyone seemed to mind the delay.

    "We are stuck on 880 and people are standing on top of their calls taking pictures," said another caller.