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CPR Saves CPR Instructor



    CPR Saves CPR Instructor
    Hundreds of teenagers learn CPR

    Bringing someone back from the brink of death is something Ken Pratt was trained to do.

    But on June, 17, Pratt, a CPR instructor, became the recipeint of the life-saving procedure. That's when the former PG&E program manager collapsed and began having a heart attack.

    When paramedics arrived, they determined that Pratt was having a heart attack and began administering cardiac shock treatment and advanced life support. He was then taken to St. Mary's Hospital for further treatment and has since made a full recovery, San Francisco Fire Department Mindy Talmadge said.

    Now, members of the Gun Violence Prevention Program who witnessed Pratt's near-death experience are asking for lessons in life-saving. As usual, Pratt will help teach the course.

    The San Francisco Fire Department on Wednesday will be honoring firefighters, paramedics and two citizens who saved Pratt's life.

    The experience proves that Pratt, who is also a Special Olympics coach, can inspire even at his weakest moment.

    Bay City News contributed to this report.