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Cable Still Has a Job

Al Davis may soon be the least of Cable's problems



    Cable Still Has a Job
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    Raiders coach Tom Cable appears safe in his job -- for now.

    When Lane Kiffin got the Al Davis phone call during the Oakland Raiders' bye week last season, Kiffin was told, "You're fired."

    When Tom Cable got that call this week, he was pulled into a one-on-one meeting with Davis. But he emerged with his job intact, and -- barring any more punching, hitting, or cabinet-tossing accusations -- Cable appears safe in his job for now.

    Cable and Davis met Wednesday evening to discuss allegations regarding Cable's history of domestic violence, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. "What we talked about is between us, and we'll keep it that way," Cable told the Chronicle. "We're going to let this thing ... we'll see."

    Outside of Raider Nation, a drumbeat is emerging that Cable should be fired or suspended.

    The National Organization for Women released statement Wednesday night, USA Today reports. "Tom Cable's history of violence against women raises a question: Why is he still the head coach of an NFL team?," N.O.W. president Terry O'Neill asked in the statement. "At the very least he should be suspended during (the Raiders' investigation) process."

    So Tom Cable job looks safe for now. But it might not be safe from N.O.W.

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who just doesn't see Al Davis taking football advice from the National Organization for Women.