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Cal Berkeley Earns No. 3 Dangerous College Ranking

UCLA earns No. 1 spot



    Cal Berkeley Earns No. 3 Dangerous College Ranking
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    The University of California at Berkeley is one of the oldest and most respected universities in the UC system.

    The University of California Berkeley earned a No. 3 spot on the list of most dangerous colleges ranking by The Business Insider with a recent burglary amounting to $23,000.

    In its Nov. 20 list of top 25 most dangerous colleges in America, the Business Insider based the rankings on the combination of violent crimes and property crimes from the FBI's Unified Crime Report.  UCLA ranked No. 1.

    On Nov. 18, ten Apple desktop computers were stolen from UC Berkeley's Northgate Hall, home of the journalism school, making it the seventh burglary of the year, according to the 2012 UCPD Crime Alters and Advisories.

    But, this bulk burglary is nothing new to the North Bay campus.

    UC Berkeley's newspaper The Daily Californian reported three other similar computer burglaries of this year alone.

    UCPD Lt. Eric Tejada said the past burglaries have no affiliation to the recent Northgate Hall crime.

    "They had different modes of entrance," Tejada said. "There was a lot of force used on the door they entered in this one."

    Tejada said he couldn't comment on the status of the investigation.

     The other computer burglaries this year, according to The Daily Californian are:


    • July 11 - Ten laptops were stolen from the library, amounting to a loss of $4,000
    • July 12 - Twenty six Dell computer towers were taken from the lab for a loss of $13,000
    • July 15 - Thirteen Dell computers totaling $24,700