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Cal Hikers Detained in Iran Call Home

Trio being held in Iran, accused of being spies



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    Joshua Fattal, Sarah Shourd and Shane Bauer have been held in Iran since July 31.

    The families of three Americans detained in Iran for months say their loved ones have been allowed to call home for the first time.

    The families of UC Berkeley graduates Shane Bauer, Sarah Shourd and Josh Fattal said in a statement Wednesday that they received the calls Tuesday. The three reported being well. The families released a statement and said the call gave them hope.

    It was a tremendous relief to hear their voices at last and know that Shane, Sarah and Josh are keeping well and staying strong. We believe the calls are a positive signal that their long detention may soon be over after these many months of anguish and uncertainty.

    The families say the trio was hiking in Iraq's northern Kurdistan region on July 31 when they accidentally crossed the border into Iran.

    Bauer and Fattal are 27 and Shourd is 31. The families say Bauer and Fattal are being held in the same prison cell in Tehran. Shourd is alone in her cell but is able to meet with the other two daily.

    Iran says the three are spies. U.S. officials have called for their release.