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Cal Police Chief Reviews Occupy Footage

YouTube video shows some of the conflict on campus between police and protesters.



    Cal Police Chief Reviews Occupy Footage
    NBC Bay Area
    This was the scene at Cal during the day last week.

     The University of California, Berkeley's police chief is interviewing witnesses and reviewing video to check whether any officers should be disciplined for unwarranted use of force in last week's clash with students.

    Television news footage showed dozens of police in riot gear confronting anti-Wall Street protesters Wednesday as they tried to establish an Occupy encampment, pulling students off campus steps and striking some with batons.

    In the wake of critiques, campus administrators are softening their defense of campus police. Claire Holmes, an associate vice chancellor, says authorities will "work very hard not to repeat
     the violence'' at a planned student walkout Tuesday.

    As Chief Mitch Celaya investigates Wednesday's response, he tells the San Francisco Chronicle he is considering whether pepper spray and tear gas could be used in future demonstrations.

    The below video has nearly 700K clicks.

    The next protest or walk out at Cal could come this Tuesday.