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Cal State Freezes Spring Enrollment

Continued budget cuts could see even more students blocked from entering the state system.



    Cal State Freezes Spring Enrollment
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    Students and faculty members stage a sit-in in front of the school president's office at California State University, Northridge demonstrating against proposed budget cuts at all 23 Cal State University campuses statewide.

    With an uncertain budget, the California State University system has stopped accepting new admission applications for the spring 2013 semester.

    The CSU system is struggling to come to grips with a $750 million budget cut this year and it is facing another $200 million cut if it cannot pass a tax measure for the November ballot.

    The measure has yet to qualify for the ballot.

    The problems could get worse for the CSU system if the tax measured is not approved. In addition to automatically enacting a $200 million state cut, it would also put in jeopardy the admission of another 20,000 to 25,000 qualified students for the 2013-2014 year.

    This all comes as student anger continues to rise as quick as their tuition. Tuition will jump to $7,017 a year, not including room, board and books next year.

    That is double what the system charged in 2007-2008.