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Calif. Demands More Electric Cars

15 percent of all new cars should be green by 2025.



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    If you purchase the available 240-volt charging station for the 2012 Ford Focus Electric, you'll be able to fully charge your Focus Electric in about half the time of the 2012 Nissan Leaf.

    California wants more drivers to get away from "filler' up" and into "plug 'er in."

    The state's Air Resources Board is expected to approve new rules today that would force more electric vehicles on the road.

    In its fight against air pollution, the board would require that 15 percent of all new cars be electric or hydrogen powered by 2025, making those kind of cars as common as hybrids are today.

    This requirement would add $1900 to the purchase price of a car. But drivers would be saving close to $6000 in gas over the life of that vehicle.

    The board is also considering rules that would require new gas and diesel cars to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 50% and smog emissions by 75% by 2025.