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Calif. Follows SF Lead on Big Book Ban



    Calif. Follows SF Lead on Big Book Ban
    Bending Light, Flickr
    Thanks to the Internet, you can find better uses for that relic known as the phone book.

    San Francisco is proving itself to be quite the trendsetter again.

    Just weeks after the City approved a bill that limits the unrequested distribution of phone books, the California Public Utilities Commission approved a request to stop the delivery of printed white pages across the state.

    Verizon, of all companies, requested that the commission stop the automatic distribution of the books but the company will still continue to print and distribute government white page, business listings and Yellow pages.

    The commission's decision paves the way for Verizon to provide the white pages on a free CD-ROM or in the traditional manner if requested.

    The decision will save the state an estimated 1,870 ton of material.