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California Goes Full-Throttle for Clean Energy



    California Goes Full-Throttle for Clean Energy
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    The city of Dallas will get some electricity generated from Texas wind farms.

    There's power all around you, whether in the form of sunlight, waves on the beach, or the air you're breathing. And now, a bill that would would harness those resources is finally heading for the Governor's signature.

    It's a clear winner for the state. Not only would it replace dwindling, unsafe energy sources like petroleum with sustainable resources, but it's expected to be a huge driver for job creation and investment.

    The goals are lofty. By 2020, the state would require utility companies to derive one third of their electricity from renewables. That's due to be a very clean year for California: San Francisco is aiming for zero waste to landfill by the same year.

    But whether companies like PG&E are capable of meeting that goal is in question. The company has made token gestures towards clean energy, but they're lagging behind the previous goal of 20 percent at 17.7 percent.

    The bill's chances on Jerry Brown's desk are good. During his campaign, he pushed for a similar goal, so all that's left is to make sure he approves of all the nuts and bolts of the legislation.