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Caltrain Strikes Debris, Causes Fuel Leak



    Caltrain Strikes Debris, Causes Fuel Leak
    NBC Bay Area

    Caltrain service between San Bruno and South San Francisco resumed on a single track overnight following a incident that punctured the train's fuel tank.

     Both north and southbound trains will operate on the northbound tracks through the area at 10 miles per hour, Caltrain spokeswoman Christine Dunn said. Dunn said trains will not stop at the South San Francisco Caltrain station


    A train struck some debris on the train tracks between the Bayshore and South San Francisco stations Saturday night, puncturing its fuel tank. As many as 800 gallons of diesel fuel spilled. 

    Fire crews said there is no health threat to the public due to the spill. 

    The clean up could last all night and possibly into Sunday. 

    Some 150 passengers from train #444 were picked up by SamTrans buses. Northbound train #445, which was stopped in San Bruno due to the fuel leak, has been turned around and will head south, making all local stops, while northbound train #447 is operating normally.

    Southbound train #446, which was stopped at the Bayshore Station, will go back to San Francisco, where riders can catch BART.

    A specialized clean up crew is going to have to clean up the fuel spill.