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Captain Al's Return to the Surface of Oakland Estuary



    All eyes were on Captain Jack Monday. Cheryl Hurd reports. (Published Monday, Nov. 4, 2013)

    A big tug boat that's been sitting at the bottom of the Oakland Estuary for close to ten years was pulled from the murky waters Monday.

    The 100-foot tug boat known as Captain Al has become an environmental hazard.

    It’s taken two months of coordination and a lot of preparation to pull off Monday’s excavation project.

    The boat had to be moved because it was beginning to leak toxins.

    Captain Al is not the only item on the bottom of the estuary.

    Lots of things like docks, cars, piers and other boats are in the water and the entire metal menagerie can contaminate fish that can end up in the Bay Area food supply.

    The Oakland Estuary is home to the Port of Oakland and is used by thousands of boats every year.

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