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Car Teeters Off SF Parking Garage

Failed attempt to jump start a car ends with car hanging over ledge.



    Car Teeters Off SF Parking Garage

    Rescue crews were called to a San Francisco parking garage Thursday afternoon after a car nearly plunged out of the fourth story of the structure near Moscone Center.

    Chopper video over the scene showed a gray sedan with both front tires over the edge of the garage floor.  This happened at 3rd and Moscone across the street from Chevy's.

    San Francisco fire offiicals said the manager of the garage was attempting to help a customer jump start his car when something went wrong. The worker apparently hopped in the vehicle once it got rolling and then failed to stop it in time and the front tires rolled off the edge.

    SFFD said there was no damage to the structure, although a five-foot section of the decorative barrier that weighed about 500 pounds fell when the car plunged through it.  

    Fire Battalion Chief Charles Crane said part of the barrier landed in a tree, and another portion fell through some exterior glass panels landing on the sidewalk.

      No one on the ground was hurt.

    "It's a miracle someone didn't get killed," Crane told Bay City News.

    The front window of the vehicle suffered significant damage, but emergency officials said the driver was not seriously hurt.

    Fire crews from inside the building were able to pull the car back inside the garage with the help of a tow truck.