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Car Thief Cuts Power to Thousands of Homes



    Car Thief Cuts Power to Thousands of Homes
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    A 911 address mix-up may possibly be to blame for the death of six-year-old Ian Uro. Uro was pronounced dead on arrival at 9:45 a.m. when he was taken to the emergency room of the Beth Israel Medical Center.

    A car thief in Concord stole more than a car -- he also took away power from over two thousand homes.

    The man crashed the stolen property into a utility pole Thursday morning, according to the CC Times. Police arrested him on the scene, and it took PG&E the entire day to restore full power.

    That wasn't the only crash making the headlines. In Rohnert Park, a texting teen slammed into a woman in a crosswalk, mangling the woman and killing her 2-year-old daughter. That crash happened three months ago, and the latest news is that the woman has only just now regained her ability to take a few steps on her own.

    In Walnut Creek, a wreck plunged a 59-year-old woman into an inferno. It's unclear what caused the crash, but the driver of the vehicle would have burned to death if bystanders hadn't rushed over with a fire extinguisher. And on the Bay Bridge, a motorcycle crash shut down eastbound lanes yesterday afternoon. It's unclear what caused the crash, but police said that no other vehicles were involved.

    In San Francisco, a 92-year-old careened into a woman in her 50s. Police say that the elderly driver wasn't paying attention as he sped around a curve at Park Presidio and Anza, a freeway-like area desperately in need of traffic-slowing measures. Caltrans maintains Park Presidio and has dragged its feet on fixing the street, leading to a pedestrian injury last year and two in 2009.

    In in the Bayview, a speeding driver crashed into a parked car, killing himself and injuring three others.

    So anyway, drive safely this weekend.