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Caretaker Suspected in Disabled Woman's Killing



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    State and local police are investigating the discovery of human remains of a Newtown woman who went missing in 1984.

    A disabled elderly woman is dead and her live-in caretaker is in police custody, suspected of homicide.

    Police arrested 56-year-old Diane Cheryl Warrick on suspicion of homicide after the woman she was in charge of caring for, 70-year-old Mary Jane Scanlon, was found dead on the floor in her Pleasant Hill home.

    Someone recognized Warrick from news reports Thursday and called cops. She was believed to be driving Scanlon's minivan.

    Warrick is a woman with a criminal past. Police say she's the same woman who was involved in a shootout with police at Napa State Hospital in 1997. She also reportedly served time in a Colorado prison for armed robbery.