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Carly's Stages of Open Mic Grief

Republican senate candidate has yet to progress to the apology stage



    Carly's Stages of Open Mic Grief
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    One would think that a person who recently lost her hair to cancer treatments would be a little more sensitive to a rival's bad hair day.

    Republican senate candidate Carly Fiorina appeared on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, and naturally the first question from Wallace was about Fiorina's comments regarding incumbent Senator Barbara Boxer's coiffure.

    While preparing for an interview, Fiorina was caught on camera calling Boxer's hairdo "so yesterday," in perhaps an unintentional appeal to former Valley girl voters.

    Last week, she brushed away the comment as a quote from a friend -- clearly in the denial stage.

    On Sunday, she progressed to the bargaining stage. "I was quoting a friend of mine, but look, I regret this whole situation."

    "I gave the people the opportunity to talk about something petty and superficial, and this is a very serious election year about serious issues."

    So Fiorina went on to press her case that she's dedicated to creating jobs, supporting the troops through defense spending and making sure that people on the Department of Homeland Security's "no-fly" list keep their God-given right to bear arms.

    However, she still hasn't reached acceptance -- an apology. She could have done it in person, but Boxer declined an invitation to appear with Fiorina on the show.

    Jackson West loves the petty and superficial stuff and the policy -- the stakes make it all the more absurd.