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Carson Palmer Isn't Going Anywhere: Ochocinco Tweets



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    Chad Ochocinco wants to keep you informed.

    Chad Ochocinco -- er Johnson -- has tweeted. Carson Palmer is not coming to San Francisco.

    A day after Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown that his team will not honor a trade request by its franchise quarterback.

    The former USC product made it known through his agent recently that he had no intention of returning to the Bengals, despite being signed through the 2014 season.

    Palmer has been linked with a move out west, where he went to school and his wife grew up. Several reports have said that the San Francisco 49ers would be a natural landing spot, including former NFL executive Mike Lombardi.

    But Ochocinco, who knows a thing or two about trying to get traded from Cincinnati, is confident his quarterback will be back next season.

    "Carson isn't going anywhere ... relax," Ochocinco tweeted.

    Former San Francisco 49ers star wide out Terrell Owens took to the television airwaves to talk further about Palmer's situation, suggesting the quarterback was not happy with the team's head coach.

    "If he's asking for a trade, he obviously wasn't comfortable with the rehiring of Marvin Lewis," Owens said on "The T.Ocho Show." "He's been very stealth and discreet with his message, but he's saying there's a problem without saying there's a problem."