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Carsonist Copycat Strikes Seacliff

Fires continue despite suspect in custody



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    Just when you thought it coudln't get any harder to own a car in San Francisco, the Carsonist -- or Carsonist Gang? -- strikes again.

    Local blogs like SFist have dubbed the person committing automotive arson the "Carsonist." And police thought that they'd put a stop to the late-night torchings that had plagued the city since late July. They also hinted that the suspect in custody, Fafa Chan, might also be the Toilet Torcher, who'd melted a slew of portable restrooms.

    But it seems as though the Carsonist may have inspired other criminals, as a vehicle suffered minor fire-damage this weekend in the Seacliff neighborhood of the city. It's the second carson since Fafa Chan was arrested.

    This latest bonfire was different, though: police report that the accelerant was inconsistant with previous torchings (the original Carsonist favored newspapers stuffed in a wheel well and set alight).

    So is this the work of a co-conspirator? An homage? A rival? The mystery is not yet unravelled.