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Castlight Raises $100 Million for Healthcare Help

Wants to help you navigate healthcare mess



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    Transparent healthcare.

    You've probably heard the saying, it takes money to make money.  In the tech world, it also takes money to help you get healthy.

    Castlight Health is a San Francisco company that makes software to help companies and individuals navigate through the healthcare mess.  Its products aim to smooth things out when it comes to finding the right healthcare plan, and finding the best price for your healthcare. 

    And, as of this morning, it's got an extra $100 million in the bank to do it.

    Castlight got the huge round of funding from Redmile Group, T. Rowe Price, and others.  The company - which has been growing and hiring steadily - now boasts $181 million in total funding, a "strong cash position," according to its co-founder, Giovanni Colella, MD.

    With US health care premiums rising steadily, and the healthcare battle constantly in the news, innovation is needed.  Castlight helps companies cut costs, which in turn can be passed down to employees in the way of healthcare savings.  It's a company that will surely get a lot of attention in the future, to go along with a lot of money its backers have given.

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