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Castro May Get Rainbow Crosswalks

Talk about trampling on your rights!



    Castro May Get Rainbow Crosswalks
    A sight for the streets?

    The Castro may go full on rainbow.

    That's rainbow flag -- and rainbow crosswalks, for pedestrians to travel between streets of equality.

    Double rainbow status?

    Decorative crosswalks of some kind have been funded, though exactly what the walking areas will look like and where they will go has yet to be determined, the Atlantic Cities reported.

    Courtesy Fontenelle Forest Rehabilitation Center

    A few contenders: straight (but not narrow) lined rainbows; a pattern resembling the overhead jumble of Muni wires, and a version that looks like a rainbow bandanna.

    Right now, West Hollywood already has rainbow-colored crosswalks, the website reported. Could San Francisco be far behind?

    An announcement is due soon.