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Cawtastrophe Strikes The Bay Area



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    UPDATE: Andrew Hughan, spokesman for Fish and Game told Bay City News, the mystery of the 100 dead birds in Sonoma County is nothing more than a "large case of roadkill, essentially." 

    "One witness and the evidence supports that a large flock of these birds were forming in a group, like a school of fish going around the sky, and flew too low and hit a semi truck."

    He added there was no indication the birds were hunted or suffered from disease.


    Adding to the rash of mysterious avian deaths around the country, more than 100 small birds were discovered in the North Bay, Saturday, Geyserville officer Jon Sloat told the Santa Rosa Press Democrat.

    Officers responded to Independence Lane, off Highway 101, to find a cluster of dead birds on the ground.

    Game officials removed several of the small black and brown birds for biological testing. Officers said the birds were not shot and were probably not hit by a vehicle, given the large number found.

    Recently flocks of birds have been found dead in several other areas of the country including Arkansas and Louisiana.

    The mystery remains unsolved.