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Cell Phone Sanitizers Pop Up in SF

The next step from hand sanitizer is something you carry in your hand.



    Cell Phone Sanitizers Pop Up in SF
    Mat Luschek (Photo Illustration)

    Just how dirty is your cell phone?

    Dirty enough to gross you out if you really knew. One study says it's dirtier than the bottom of your shoes.

    If you believe a sign in San Francisco's Mission district, it's more germ-infested than your toilet, which is actually not as bad as your shoes, allegedly.

    Mission Mission reports that a cell phone desanitizer has gone up in the neighborhood with the message, "My cell phone has more germs than a toilet seat? It's true."

    With  the use of the "violight UV cell phone sanitizer" you can have a clean (er) cell phone (allegedly).

    It's on Folsom Street in San Francisco if you want to check it out.