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Chauncey Bailey Murder Investigator Back on Beat

Sergeant Derwin Longmire returns to work for the Oakland Police Department



    Chauncey Bailey Murder Investigator Back on Beat
    George Kelly
    Years after the fact, the controversy surrounding Chauncey Bailey's murder has hardly let up, but at least Oakland has a police officer it was paying back at work.

    Oakland Police Department Sergeant Derwin Longmire is back to work after nine months of paid leave while the department investigated his conduct as the lead detective in the murder of journalist Chauncey Bailey.

    While the OPD found nothing wrong with Longmire's conduct in the Bailey case, it did find problems with other investigations Longmire led, and he may face another 20 day suspension.

    Longmire will no longer be working homicide cases, instead returning to patrol duty. He is scheduled to meet with the OPD's new chief, Anthony Batts, to discuss the Bailey case this month.

    Michael Rains, an attorney representing Longmire, argues that the department's treatment of his client has left the sergeant bitter, and Longmire hasn't ruled out suing the department for its treatment in the wake of the case.

    In 2008, a police video was released that showed Yusuf Bey IV, who has been indicted by a grand jury on charges of ordering the murder, telling associates that Longmire had protected him from being named as a suspect in the Bailey case.

    Longmire later denied that he was a friend of or granted any favors to Bey in an interview with state investigators.

    Photo by George Kelly.

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