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SJ Cheerleaders Boo Miniskirt Ban

Cry F-O-U-L! Cheerleaders at Piedmont Hills High in San Jose can no longer wear their new -- and shorter -- cheerleader uniforms to school thanks to the institution's miniskirt ban.



    Piedmont Hills High School is banning cheerleader uniform at school because they don't meet the dress code. (Published Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2011)

    When a school principal says no miniskirts, that also applies to you cheerleaders. At least during school hours -- skimpy skirts are fine during football games, for the jumping and the clapping amongst us.

    That's the policy at San Jose's Piedmont Hills High, where cheerleaders have been told they must wear sweatpants to cover their legs if they want to wear their cheerleading uniforms to school, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

    The policy is the brainchild of Principal Traci Williams, whose dress code -- that skirts or shorts be no shorter than mid-thigh -- is neither new nor unique.

    What is new is that the cheerleader skirts got shorter, the newspaper reported. It's unclear exactly who changed the hemlines of the cheerleaders, but the cheer crew are, like, totally trying to change the principal's mind -- and are heartbroken in the meantime.

    "We're just sad and hurt," said senior Antonia Bavilacqua, 17, according to the newspaper. "It's our school colors and spirit. And they're making us feel like outcasts."

    Though not everyone shares her pep. Some agree with Williams, who says that the cheerleaders' "cheeks are hanging out," the hemlines are so high.

    The dress code is "extremely stricter," according to senior Izak Joubert, but in the meantime, the cheerleaders and others with high skirts "look kind of ridiculous wearing their underpants to school," the newspaper reported.

    Ah, high school. So much like the real world.