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Chef Josie Shares Cooking Tips



    Chef Josie is perhaps best known for her time on TOP CHEF. (Published Sunday, Oct. 27, 2013)

    Chef Josie joined Kris Sanchez and shared this recipe to try at home.


    Yields: Appetizer -­ Serve 1 or 2 halves per person. Main Course -­ Serve at least 6 halves per


    Prep time: 30 min


    1 pound cooked shrimp, prawns, lobster, or crab meat

    1 pckg Cellophane noodles (Bean thread noodles)*

    1 tablespoon seasoned rice vinegar

    1 head Red or Boston lettuce leaves, washed, dried, hard ribs removed

    1bu Fresh mint leaves, washed, dried, and coarsely chopped

    1 bu Fresh basil leaves, washed, dried, and coarsely chopped

    1 bu Fresh cilantro leaves, washed, dried, and coarsely chopped

    1.5 cups Coarsely shredded carrots

    1 pckg Spring Roll Wrappers (rice paper rounds), 8 1/2-­inches size


    -­If using shrimp or prawns, sliced them in half lengthwise.

    -­Cover noodles with boiling water and let soak 15 minutes;; drain well in a sieve or colander. Pat

    dry between paper towels and toss with rice vinegar. Cover and refrigerate until ready to use.

    -­ Rice Paper Wrappers come out of packaging hard and inedible, and must be soaked in water

    before using.

    -­Fill a bowl with lukewarm water. Soak rice paper in warm water for 10 seconds. Soften them up

    just until soft but still flexible (work with one rice paper at a time, being gentle as they break easily

    when brittle).

    -­Remove from water and place rice paper on a kitchen towel and let rest approximately 30

    seconds until it's more pliable.

    -­ Arrange one piece of lettuce on bottom half of soaked rice paper

    -­ Top with some of the seafood, noodles, mint, basil, cilantro, and carrot (don't overfill). Make

    sure to evenly distribute ingredients along roll .

    -­Pressing down on the filling with your fingers (pressing down on the ingredients is particularly

    important because it tightens the roll), fold the bottom end of the sheet (side nearest you) over

    the top of the fillings and roll over itself using a sushi technique.

    -­Fold tthe outer edges inward and finish rolling the remaining half (If rice paper is too dry to seal,

    moisten unsealed edges with a little more hot water).

    -­Transfer summer roll to a plate, seam-­side down, and cover with dampened paper towels.

    -­Make more rolls using the same technique

    *Bring rolls to room temperature before halving and serving. Can be served whole.

    Serve with your favorite dipping sauces.

    Peanut Dippng Sauce

    ¼ c sugar, raw

    ½ c Peanut Butter

    12 c coco milk

    12 c chopped roasted peanuts

    ¼ t chili paste

    1 lime squeezed

    ½ c soy

    Mix all ingredients in a bowl and serve