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Chest Cameras To Record SFPD During Searches

Police will record actions during search warrants.



    Chest Cameras To Record SFPD During Searches
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    Some interactions with SF police will be recorded by a camera on the officer's chest.

    San Francisco police are going to the tape.

    "Certain" members of the SFPD will be outfitted with chest cameras to record their interactions with the public when serving search warrants, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

    Cops with cameras is a response to allegations of illegal searches, the newspaper reported. The cameras, which will be deployed within the next "month to six weeks," according to SFPD Chief Greg Suhr, are intended to show without question that searches are being conducted legally, the newspaper reported.

    Hundreds of cases filed by San Francisco police were dropped after video footage of cops entering hotel rooms without warrants and then falsifying reports surfaced in 2011, the newspaper reported.

    Only police supervisors will carry the $1,000 cameras, the newspaper reported.

    Public Defender Jeff Adachi, who revealed the video, said that the cameras reduce instances of the use of force by police.

    After police in the southern California city of Rialto started using the cameras, there was an 88 percent drop in complaints against officers, the newspaper reported.