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Chick-fil-A Ends Payouts to Anti-Gay Groups

Flip-flop comes about in negotiations to open Chicago location.



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    The leaders of a national chicken chain have apparently flip flopped on their views of homosexuality as part of negotiations to open a new eatery in the Midwest.

    In return for the permission to open a restaurant in Chicago, Chick-fil-A has agreed to stop giving money to organizations that oppose same-sex marriages, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

    The fast-food chain sparked a summertime controversy when president Dan Cathy said that Americans "invite God's judgment on our nation" by backing gay marriage. Cathy and his company both contributed to political causes that oppose gay marriage, according to reports.

    But all that is in the past. According to The Civil Rights Agenda, a Chicago-based LGBT rights group, Chick-fil-A has promised not to fund those groups anymore in return to be allowed to open up a Chicago location, the newspaper reported.

    "Chick-fil-A will no longer give money to anti-gay organizations," the company said, according to a letter leaked on the Internet by Civil Rights Agenda.

    The company did not comment on the letter.

    There are Chick-fil-A restaurants in Walnut Creek and San Jose. But does this mean a San Francisco location is in our future? Stay tuned.