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Chief Batts Staying in Oakland



    Chief Batts Staying in Oakland
    Jodi Hernandez

    Oakland Police Chief Anthony Batts announced this morning that he'll be staying on in the East Bay, after being considered for the San Jose chief's opening.

    According to a statement, the chief has "received an outpouring of support through emails, phone calls, approaches by people on the street, and conversations in the hallways."

    Batts moved to the Bay from Long Beach, and is considered a high-profile reformer that gets results. His administration was tested when the Johannes Mehserle sentencing threatened the peace in December.

    "The support I received was overwhelming. I know the residents and employees of Oakland care about this city and its police department," Batts said in the news release. "Thank you for your support. Especially Ms Mary Miles of Family Day Care Center whose students posed with posters with a message reading 'Chief Batts Please Don't Leave.' "