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Child Found Walking Down Santa Cruz Street Naked



    Child Found Walking Down Santa Cruz Street Naked
    A Hartford police officer under investigation for the beating of a suspect took his first steps toward retiring.

     The father of a 2-year-old girl found naked walking down a Santa  Cruz street Monday afternoon was arrested when officers went to his home and  allegedly found him trying to conceal heroin, police said today.

         An officer went to Barson and Jessie streets at about 12:30 p.m.  when a neighbor reported finding a naked young child walking alone, police  said. The neighbor had given the girl a blanket.      After determining where the girl lived in the 200 block of Jessie  Street, the officer took her home and met with her father, 25-year-old  Antonio Silva Villa. As he was being interviewed, police allegedly witnessed  Villa attempt to conceal something from officers.
         Investigators determined he was concealing heroin as well as drug  paraphernalia, including hypodermic syringes, baggies and spoons, police  said.
         Officers found another juvenile asleep near where the  paraphernalia was found in the home, according to police.
         Villa was arrested for possession of a controlled substance,  possession of drug paraphernalia and child endangerment, police said. Child  Protective Services was contacted to ensure the safety of the two children.