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City Gets Mysterious Sit-Lie Guerrilla Art



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    Who's been posting guerrilla ads about Prop L around town?

    A group calling itself the "Sit-Lie Posse" has started making anti-Prop-L posters and hanging them in bus shelters and on billboards, disguised to look like paid ads. Although nobody's taking credit for the illegal street art, a spokesperson defended the practice as necessary to get their message out. The spokesman also decried corporate spending to pass the measure, calling for an ethics investigation.

    The group was able to gain access to bus shelters with a master key that opened the locked door for advertising posters. Their billboard ads are attached to the surface with wheatpaste. The spokesman said that there are no plans to erect new signs.

    The San Francisco Ethics Commission is not amused. Ads are required to disclose who paid for them, and violate Muni's policy prohibiting political ads. The commission has vowed to go after the anonymous campaigners, if they could only figure out who they are.

    The official campaign has denied any connection to the mysterious posters. Instead, they've been engaging in some sign-distribution of their own. Legally. The group handed out 100 oversize posters this week baring "No On L" in large letters. It's an attention-getting tactic that may pay off as the close race nears election day.

    Meanwhile, sitting and lying is the least of some other cities' problems. In Santa Cruz, a homeless man was arrested in the bathroom of a police station for taking off his clothes and attempting to bathe.