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City Pays Up in Sex Harassment Case

Spokesperson for the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department didn't speak up for money, but for justice



    City Pays Up in Sex Harassment Case
    Adam Smith
    The sexiest sexist scandal in City Hall since the mayor copped to copping feels looks to be settled by the Board of Supervisors today.

    The San Francisco Board of Supervisors is expected to approve a cash settlement of $90,670.20 for Rose Marie Dennis, a former employee of the city's Recreation and Parks Department.

    Dennis spoke out after being repeatedly harassed for years by her former boss Yomi Agumbiade, who ran the department.

    The harassment apparently included letters that questioned her fashion choices and love of Jesus.

    "The things that matter to me are the non-monetary collateral -- my reputation," Dennis told the SF Weekly in order to explain why she wasn't just after a payday from the city.

    As the Weekly points out, she probably could have gotten a lot more money with such damning evidence in hand if she had gone after the city, or Agumbiade, in court.

    Photo by Adam Smith.

    Jackson West never thought he'd feel sympathy for a spokesperson on the city's payroll, but here he is doing just that.