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City Workers Get Pink Slip Explainer Courtesy YouTube

San Francisco Mayor takes questions via Twitter on his iPhone, answers them in weekly video address



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    Former Gavin Newsom colleagues call the San Francisco Mayor a "narcissist" with "no there there."

    Sitting in his office looking relatively casual (read: no blue tie), San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom once again sat down for his weekly video address on YouTube.

    As usual, it is long, boring, and hardly anyone is watching: It currently boasts only 335 views, probably all from journalists like fan and critic Beth Spotswood, who feels the mayor should get out more.

    The mayor addressed the controversial proposal to send 15,000 pink slips to city employees and then hire most, but not all, of them back at reduced hours, arguing it was the best solution to the city's budget problem by avoiding even steeper layoffs.

    He also announced that he asked those making over $100,000 to give back ten percent, those making more than $150,000 to give back 15 percent.

    For those who are "vehemently opposed," the mayor asks you to "tweet me" with better ideas.

    After discussing a lack of funding for education, the controversial sit-lie law and imploring property owners to clean up graffiti, Newsom went in to "Twitter time," picking up his iPhone and answering questions from Twitter he selected "randomly."

    When one Twitter user asked if they could shake the mayor's hand, Newsom promised he'd be happy to shake "any of your hands." Say what you will about Newsom, he is handsy.

    Jackson West has never been touched by Gavin Newsom.