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City to Crack Down on Crazed Drivers



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    A homeless parking meter by Romero Britto

    San Francisco's streets are safer than they've ever been, but that's still not safe enough.

    The city is changing its deployment of parking control officers to respond more effectively to problem drivers and parkers, according to the Gate..

    The benefit is twofold: safer streets and more income for the city. The year's estimated ticket revenue is likely to fall short by a little less than ten percent.

    Citizens are already seeing relief from problem car-owners. The city is paying particular attention to residential permit violations, ensuring that residents can find parking on their own streets. Soon, focus may shift to drivers who pull halfway into an intersection as the light turns yellow, and then block cross-traffic.

    In addition, drivers who clog city streets during peak times may find themselves ineligible for parking discounts.

    Enforcing the laws won't be easy. The number of officers on the street has decreased, making it easier for unsafe and discourteous drivers to get away unpunished.

    Labor-saving devices may help officers do more with less. For years, the city's pursued a plan to install cameras in street sweepers to capture the license plates of scofflaws who block the cleaners.

    With the renewed emphasis on enforcement will come new allowances for legitimate users of cars. Parents may soon be able to provide their childcare workers with residential parking permits.