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Smoking Ban Moves to Great Outdoors



    Smoking Ban Moves to Great Outdoors
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    This is illegal now in the city of San Francisco

    Smoking is officially illegal just about everywhere in San Francisco.

    New anti-smoking rules went into effect over the weekend and people who violate the new rules could feel the negative impact on more than just their health. If someone calls police and they come during a violation of the ban, the smoker be fined up to $100.

    The new rule makes it illegal to light up at sidewalk cafes, restaurant patios, movie and ATM lines and the common areas of housing complexes. It will also be a much easier breathing experience, farmers markets, lines for movies theaters, concerts and sporting events, near cab stands and ATMs. The resolution also bans smoking near doorways and windows of offices, shops and restaurants and at bingo halls.

    In another six months, it will also be illegal to smoke at outdoor dining tables at restaurants. That part of the ban was pushed back after restaurants asked for more time to adjust.

    Smoking is already banned in workplaces, bars, taxicabs and city parks. It has taken two years and numerous amendments for the expanded rules to pass.