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Berkeley May Make Famous Co-Op Drug Free

Cloyne Court could go drug-free years after scary OD



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    A notorious student co-op at Cal might be in trouble.

    The "drug-tolerant" culture at Cloyne Court, a student cooperative at UC Berkeley well-known for a permissive attitude towards drugs, may be getting clean.

    The Berkeley Student Cooperative could decide as early as today to make Cloyne Court drug-free, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

    Becoming the "Cloyne Court Substance-Free Academic Theme House" would be quite a turnaround for the 150 students who live in a three-story mansion that predates the 1906 earthquake.

    The BSC has been put "on notice" about the "perceived drug-tolerant culture" at Cloyne, a Cal senior on the board told the newspaper.

    About 1,275 students live in 20 student co-ops around Berkeley, the newspaper reported.

    John Gibson was a Cloyne resident when he overdosed on a still-unknown drug, the newspaper reported. He's alive, but his parents now must spend thousands to care for him -- after his housemates "delayed calling 911," the Chronicle reported.

    Three students have had to be hospitalized for excessive drug or alcohol use in the past year, the newspaper reported.