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Sentencing Day For SF Club Shooter

A Bay Area man will be sentenced for a 2010 shooting outside Club Suede.



    Sentencing Day For SF Club Shooter
    A shooting outside of Club Suede in 2010 led to a murder conviction for Keandre Davis. His sentencing is today.

    A Richmond man will soon learn how long he will have to remain behind bars for his role in a deadly Fisherman's Wharf nightclub shooting.

    Keandre Davis was found guilty last month for killing 19-year old Lawon Hall outside San Francisco's Club Suede back in 2010. Davis and another suspect cornered Hall as he left the club. Police say the pair shot him more than a dozen times. A patrol special officer who was nearby confronted the gunmen and ordered them to drop their weapons. Gunfire was exchanged after they did not comply.

    Davis was shot several times and was later arrested at the scene. The other gunman fled the area.     A man suspected of being the second shooter was arrested but prosecutors declined to file charges.

    During closing arguments, Davis' lawyer said Hall were longtime friends and they did not have a feud. And the patrol officer responding to the shooting misidentified him. But prosecutors say DNA found on a handgun located where Davis was arrested, match bullet fragments found in Hall's body. The 22-year old faces up to 50-years to life in prison.

    A judge ordered Club Suede, which had a long history of trouble, to shut down following the shooting.