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Cody Ross Spelled Backwards Is "Ssory Doc"

Here's some fun with letters for the team's newest star



    A bleary eyed members of the San Francisco Giants are back home for three games. (Published Thursday, Oct. 21, 2010)

    We just noticed that the newest star of the San Francisco Giants has an interesting name when spelled backwards.

    "S-s-o-r-y d-o-c"

    That's funny if you know that Ross hit two home runs off Roy "Doc" Halladay in Saturday's win in Philadelphia.

    Halladay was just off a post-season no-hitter when Ross blasted one to the bleachers in the third inning of Saturday's game. It was the first hit of the night, but not the last between Ross and Halladay.  Ross hit another homer in the fifth.

    Of course, no matter the play on letters in his name, Ross is not sorry at all for the hits.

    He arrived back home in San Francisco around 5 a.m. Monday with his teammates.  They were all told to get a nap and be back at the park for a 4 p.m. workout.

    Game 3 is Tuesday at 1:19 p.m.  Ross is sure to get one heck of a welcome from his hometown crowd as he arrives at the plate for what Giants' fans hope is a post-season to remember.