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Colbert Pair Getting a New Nest



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    A falcon family calls the top of San Jose City Hall their home.

    Esteban and Clara Colbert are getting a refreshed place to call home.

    The San Jose City Hall falcons, one named the Latino-version of Comedy Central's comedian Steven Colbert, are away from their home. When they return, their nest will be all-new.

    The UC Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group will replace the falcons' current nest box with a new one. Researchers say the box has been in use for several years and old nesting materials can lead to decreased hatch rate.

    A researcher will rappel off the roof of City Hall to install the new nest, along with 300-400 pounds of new gravel. But they will have to work fast. If the birds come back while the new nest is being put in place, feathers could fly as the winged ones try to protect their home.

    Both Esteban and Clara have been seen almost daily at and near City Hall through the autumn, a city spokesman said. The young falcons born last spring have all migrated to find territories of their own.